You do the list
We handle the rest

Our values

Digitalization oriented

Helping smaller markets to get digitized and showcased, in addition to giving every other player the opportunity to enter the digital era.

Consumer oriented

Giving consumers the possibility to save money and time comparing your grocery list among all the players in the market.

Proactivity and sense of ownership

Promoting these values is our way to build a strong Startup and service.

Grocery delivery network creation

Organizing the grocery delivery market in a platform that groups all the entities in the sector.

About us

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ESCP Business School Option E specialization - Team Creation

During the artistic and creative environment of the Improbable Art Thinking class, we had the possibility to get to know each other and share our common interest in food.

Design Thinking class - Idea development

After choosing the food market as our field of interest, we then proceed with a series of interviews to define which were the main pain points in people's grocery purchase process. We defined and prioritized the problems that arose and finally started designing our solution.

ENSCI - Prototype Pitching

ENSCI design school gave us the possibility to showcase our prototype and to pitch our idea for the first time.

Market Analysis

Ahead of a visit to the Tel Aviv Startup Ecosystem with ESCP, we decided to start a market analysis based on further interviews, surveys and research on the internet.

Tel Aviv Startup Ecosystem

We used the trip to better understand how an startup ecosystem works: its value proposition, its opportunities, what they look for for investing, how to implement networking, etc.

Enhancements of FoodScan

We focused on making foodscan as real as possible by developing a better prototype, creating a website, publishing content on the Option E instagram instagram page, etc.

Targeted experiments and more specific market analysis

We conducted a market analysis to further improve the app features to better respond to consumer needs. In parallel, we started a series of experiments based on assumptions we gather from the Tel Aviv Ecosystem.

The final Investor Pitch

Coming to the end of the specialization, we had to prepare for the course's final day which consisted in a presentation of our startup to a panel of potential investors. On this occasion, we spent time understanding which would be the best way to address our idea and make it stand out.

Our Team

Simone Alba


Luca Brancaleoni


Paul Monnery


Marta Pontiglio